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18-Hole Golf Course

Ella Sharp Park’s 18 hole golf course provides a challenge for golfers of all levels. The course touts two of Jackson County’s most challenging golf holes (2nd & 12th holes) along with an array of other well manicured fairways and greens. Call the club house for availability at (517) 788-4066. Ella Sharp Park’s golf course is also home to many golf events for many different organizations and causes.


For tee times call (517) 788-4066


Weekdays (until 4:00 pm) – $5.00


9-Holes – $9.00
Carts – $7.00
18-Holes with Cart – $24.00


Weekdays – $5.00

18-Hole Golf Course Tour


Hole #1

The first hole of Ella Sharp Park’s golf course is a great start for a round of 9 or 18 holes. Keeping a good drive down the right side of this fairway will provide a great look at the hole. The second shot into the green should be kept below the flag stick due the severe back-to-front slope.

Par: 4
Handicap: 15

Blue: 306
Gold: 284
Red: 244


Hole #2

The second hole of the park is by far the most demanding of the 18. This long hole requires a good first drive off the tee along the left side of the fairway. A good first shot will leave a second shot around 185 yards. A short third shot is a good bail out due to the bunker on the left and the water on the right.

Par: 4
Handicap: 1

Blue: 413
Gold: 350
Red: 319


Hole #3

The first of the course’s four par fives has a slight dog leg to the right. A good tee shot will allow you to reach the green in two. An aggressive second shot onto the large green can give you a chance at a great score for the hole.

Par: 5
Handicap: 5

Blue: 506
Gold: 470
Red: 427


Hole #4

This short uphill par 3 has a heavily bunkered front approach. One of the courses more traditional holes, gives a golfer with a well struck wedge or more a great birdie opportunity.

Par: 3
Handicap: 17

Blue: 115
Gold: 102
Red: 88


Hole #5

Don’t let the short yardage of this par 3 deceive you. This hole plays much longer than the card indicates to the consistent West wind. Take one more club and swing-away at the hole. You may just get a birdie.

Par: 3
Handicap: 13

Blue: 175
Gold: 166
Red: 136


Hole #6

This straight-up par 4 with out of bounds on the left and two reachable bunkers in the fairway. A golfer opting to use the driver may not be a good choice. A well placed iron shot down the middle will leave about 130 yards to the green. Accuracy into the green will determine how well you score on the hole.

Par: 4
Handicap: 7

Blue: 348
Gold: 310
Red: 269


Hole #7

This severe right doglegged fairway requires a long iron off the tee. The green is a little firmer because it is a newer hole on the course. So, hit your second shot short of the flag and let the ball run up to the hole.

Par: 4
Handicap: 11

Blue: 303
Gold: 268
Red: 236


Hole #8

Don’t let the water on the right of the fairway intimidate you off the tee. Hit a long iron or a driver down the left hand side of the fairway. This should leave you a short approach to this reachable green. Once again, this newer hole, would dictate that you hit a short shot into the green letting it role up to the hole for a potential birdie.

Par: 4
Handicap: 9

Blue: 281
Gold: 226
Red: 206


Hole #9

Now that you are just getting warmed up, take two good shots and you will get close to the green. A good approach approach shot can get your score back one before going into the back nine.

Par: 5
Handicap: 3

Blue: 517
Gold: 492
Red: 430


Hole #10

With this drivable par 4, try to make sure your second shot is below the hole. With a severe slope on this small green don’t give yourself a chance to three putt.

Par: 4
Handicap: 18

Blue: 279
Gold: 257
Red: 229


Hole #11

Take one more club than you would on a hole of this length due to consistent local winds. Do not make the mistake of shooting at the flag stick. Take aim for the middle of the green which should give you a chance for a birdie.

Par: 3
Handicap: 12

Blue: 168
Gold: 151
Red: 135


Hole #12

This par 4 is one of Jackson Counties’ most difficult holes. With out-of-bounds on the left and the length of the right side lined with large oaks your tee-shot is of great importance. Your second shot will be lengthy leading up to the elevated severely sloped green. Simply hitting the green is a great accomplishment. A par on this hole would feel like a birdie any where else.

Par: 4
Handicap: 2

Blue: 394
Gold: 363
Red: 337


Hole #13

From the tee-box you will only be able to see the top of the 15 foot long flag stick. The hole sits low in a bowl shaped depression. Take aim fro the large middle pine tree and make sure you have enough club to make the flag stick.

Par: 3
Handicap: 16

Blue: 156
Gold: 143
Red: 130


Hole #14

With a good drive from the tee box on this straight par 5 an iron on your second shot is not out of the question. A large relatively flat green has birdie written all over it.

Par: 4
Handicap: 2

Blue: 394
Gold: 363
Red: 337


Hole #15

Large oaks line both the right and left side of this fairway making this a difficult shot off the tee. One of Ella Sharp Park’s more severely sloped greens will cause the ball to role off the green in the front right of the green. The green is quite large so you can be aggressive on your shot leading into the green. Two putts on this green are always a reward.

Par: 5
Handicap: 8

Blue: 460
Gold: 425
Red: 401


Hole #16

This straight forward par 3 has bunkers located on both the front right and left. What makes the hole difficult is the inability to see the putting surface from the tee box. Check your distances, make sure you have the right club, and hit down the center of the green.

Par: 3
Handicap: 14

Blue: 153
Gold: 133
Red: 99


Hole #17

If you keep your tee shot down the right side of the fairway a medium distance second shot to the green is a possibility. Avoid the front right bunker by hitting long. If you need to miss the green, shoot to the left side for a great up-and-down.

Par: 4
Handicap: 4

Blue: 406
Gold: 385
Red: 334


Hole #18

The long hitter can hit the two bunkers in the fairway so let up a little. From the fairway, you do not want to be long on your second shot because the green will be blind. A good shot to the center of the green will give you a birdie chance regardless of the pin placement.

Par: 4
Handicap: 10

Blue: 367
Gold: 336
Red: 313

The Learning Center

Ella Sharp Park’s Golf Learning Center is a great place to learn how to play golf, brush up on your skills, or just go to hit a few golf balls. The center includes 25 tee stations over looking a well manicured range with 5 target greens. The center also has a sand bunker and a large putting green for practicing that short game. For those golfers that are looking for more than just hitting a few balls around, the learning center also has a wide range of classes available for youths and adults. Classes and private instruction by PGA Golf Professional (Eric W. Terrian) are available for both beginners and veteran players. Please call (517)780-4799 for seasonal hours.

Youth Golf Lessons

Classes are held at the Ella Sharp Park Golf Learning Center. Pre-registration is required and taken at the learning center. Each class runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 2 weeks and is limited to 15 participants. The classes cost $35.00 per person / session. Additional classes may be added later.

Learning Center Rates

Regular Bucket (35-40) – $5.00

Large Bucket (65-75) – $6.50

Family Bucket (95-105) – $7.50

Regular Pass (10 buckets) – $40.00

Large Pass (10 buckets) – $52.00

Family Pass (10 buckets) – $60.00

Adult Season Pass – $200.00

Junior Season Pass – $125.00

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